Aly And Aj: Akordy k piesni Joy To The World

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Interpret: Aly And Aj

Aly And Aj - Joy To The World (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

As As
* - means harmonics
Chords used:
G - 320033
C9 - x32033
D - xx0232
C - x32010
Em7 - 022033
D/F# - 2xx23x
D7 - xx0212
Am - x02210
Intro: Heaven and nature


Verse 1:
G Joy to the World, the C9 Lord D has G come! Let C earth reD ceive her G King
Let G eveC9 ry G heart preG pare C9 Him G room, And G Heaven and nature sing
And D/F# Heaven and nature sing, And EM7 Heaven, and C9 Heaven, and naD ture G sing
Ad lib:


Verse 2:
G Joy to the World, the C9 SaviD or G reigns! Let C men their D songs emG ploy
While G fields C9 and G floods, rocks, G hills C9 and G plains ReG peat the sounding joy
ReD/F# peat the sounding joy, ReEM7 peat, reC9 peat, the sounD ding G joy

Aj: C-D-Em7-G


Heaven C sings and He D7 brings
All these G best things D/F# to this EM7 world
D C9 D(hold)
And we pray, and we say
Verse 3:
G He rules the world with C9 truth aD nd G grace, And C makes the D nations G prove
The G gloC9 ries G of His G righC9 teousG ness, And G wonders of His love
And D/F# wonders of His love, And EM7 wonders, C9 wonders, of D His G love
(Repeat Verse 1 except last word)

(Repeat Intro twice end in G let ring)

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