I´m Outta Love

Dĺžka piesne: 04:05
ooha whoa
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Now baby come on
Don´t claim that love you never let me feel
I should have known
Cause you brought nothing real
Come on be a man about it
You won´t die
I ain´t got no more tears to cry
And I can´t take this no more
You know I gotta let it go
And you know

I´m outta love
Set me free
And let me out this misery
Just show me the way to get my life away
Cause you can´t handle me
i said I´m outta love
Can´t you see
Baby you gotta set me free
I´m outta love Yeah

Siad how many times
Have I tried to turn this love around?
But every time
You just let me down
Come on be a man about it
You´ll survive
True that you can work it out all right
Tell me, yesterday
Did you know
I´d be the one to let you go?
And you know


Let me get over you
The way you´ve gotten over me too,yeah
seems like my time has come
and now I´m moving on
I´ll be stronger