B3 - Until The End Of Time

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B3 - Until The End Of Time (text piesne)

I’ve been waiting for a lifetime
For someone just like you
Always tried to find a reason
Why’s that everything you do

Makes me feel this way
Keeps me so strong
Thought I never would surrender
Till the day you came along

After all that we’ve been throuch
I can’t stop loving you
I don’t know what I should do
(girl,) I can’t go without you
no more promises
no need for lies or tears to cry
stay with me forever
until the end of time

I’ve been tryin’ to find the answers
To the words you’ve never said
And I wonder how we’ve made it
To find real love instead

I won’t let you go
Whatever will be
You’re all I ever wanted
You’re the only one for me


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