The Beatles

I Call Your Name

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

F#7 E7 B7 (hold)


I callACCORD_E7 your name but you'reACCORD_C#7 not there
WasACCORD_F#7 I to blame for beiACCORD_B7ng unfair
Oh I can't slACCORD_E7eep at night since you've been goACCORD_C#7ne
I ACCORD_F#7never weep at ACCORD_Anight, I can't go on

Don't you know I can't tACCORD_Aake it
I doACCORD_C#min't know who can
I'm not going to make it
I'm notACCORD_C tACCORD_B7hat kind of man.

Oh I can't sleep at night but just the same
I ever weep at night I call your name.