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Bee Gees - All The Way (akordy)

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C When soFdim mebody C loves youC/B it's no AM7 good unFdim less he lE7 oves you A9 all the D9 way,
G HappyCdim to be DM7 near you wG7 hen you G/B need somEdim eone to chG7 eer you,
C9 All tC he wGM7 ay. C7
F Taller than the tG allest BM7-5 tree is --
E7 Am(V) G#m(IV) Cm7-5
That's how it's got to feel.
F Deeper than the dG7 eep blueGdim sea is --
AM That's how deep it AM7 goes, D7 if itsDM7-5 real. G7
C When soFdim mebody C needs youC/B it's no AM7 good unFdim less he nE7 eeds you A9 all the D9 way;
G Through the Cdim good or lDM7 ean years G7 and for G/B all theEdim in betG7 ween years,
C9 Come wC hat GM7 may. C7
F Who know where the rG oad will BM7-5 lead us?
E Only a fE7 ool would AM say
FM But C if you'll AM let me lC ove youC/B it's for EM sure I'm gonna A7 love you
F All tG he EM7 way, A7 DM7 all G7 the wC ay.

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