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Bee Gees - Smoke and Mirrors (akordy)

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B/E When I wE as a boy
B/E all the books I rE ead
I fA ollowed like a blind man
to heed the words my father said.
Those gE olden summers fB aded into nE ight,
wB ords become a drE eam,
the A echoes of my childhood
and wB here the path is winding.
MG ay God bless you,
kF eep you safe from all harm.G
Oh, may I stand by you C always.
TG ime and motion.
HF ands touch,
lips find a wayG to heaven on G/F high. F EM/F DM/F C/F DM/F
E B/E E B/E A/E WB/E atch the children plE ay,
B/E the child becomes a mE an,
and A all the tangled webs we weave,
you swear it as we live and breath.
We sE tay together, dB eath until you pE art.
WB inner takes the prE ize.
The A future's at your finger tips,
rB ight before your eyes.
G No more sorrow (smoke and mirrors).
F No more nights with no end. (I really learned a lot)
G I see my tomC orrows (smoke and mirrors)
AM And nothing from nothE7 ing.
And ashes to ashAM es, they say.
F All the more that you reachE7 out
the more that it runsF away.
G Smoke and mirrF ors.
G Smoke and mirrC ors.
(G No more goodbyes) (F No lies)
That's all I ever got, smoke and mirrors.
(you find your wayG there heaven on G/F high)
She show me what she's got, smoke and mirrors.
F EM/F DM/F C/F DM/F C/F D MG ay God bless you,
kF eep you safe from all harm.
G I stand by you F/G always.
TG ime and motion (smoke and mirrors)
HF ands touch,
(that's all I ever gG ot) (smoke and mirrG/F ors) F EM/F DM/F
lips find a way to heaven on high .
G No more sorrows
(I really learned a lot, smoke and mirrors)
F No more nights with no eG nd.
(She show me what she's got, smoke and mirrors)
I rise or I fG/F all. F EM/F DM/F
G No more goodbyes.
(She really makes me hot, smoke and mirrors)
F No lies, you find a wayG there,
heaven on G/F high.

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