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Love's Funny

Ciara - Love's Funny

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Ciara - Love's Funny (text piesne)

mmmm, its funny
that I miss your face
its funny
time hasn't took your place
its funny
cause I can't say why
love's funny
dunno why we went goodbye

oh I had it all
love was staring me in my face
but, I knew it all
couldn't tell me nothing (yeah)
and after all
the end-less fights
you are the only one that I ever loved inside

so its funny
that I am a fool
its so funny
all I think of is you
its so funny
that joke's on me
its so funny
loves comedy

I had it all
love was staring me in my face
but I knew it all
couldn't tell me one damn thing
after all
our endless fights
I should have never ever said goodbye

huh [x6]
huh [x5]
huh [x5]

If you've never ever learned one thing from me
you'll learn to deal with love patiently
before you go and break up
make sure you try to make up
because you could be walking away
from something that you'll never see

and its true love
its true love
true love

that's true love
true love
oh yeah

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