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Clash - Gates Of The West (akordy)

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The Clash
'Gates of the West'

Intro riff:

(repeats 4 times)

CI would love to be the lucky one on Chill Avenue
AmiWho could keep your hear warm when ice has turned it blue
GBut with the beggin' sleeping losers as they turn in for the night
CI'm looking back for home and I can see the lights

CI should be jumpin' shoutin' that I made it all this way
Ami>From Camden Town Station to 44th and 8th
GNot many make it this far and many say we're great
CBut just like them we walk on an' we can't escape our fate

AmiCan't you hear the FsighingG
CEastside Jimmy and FSouthside Sue
Both Gsay they needed something Csus, Cnew

®:So I'm Cstanding at the gates of the West
I burn Emimoney at the lights of the sign
TheF city Gcasts a sChadow of the perfect crime

I'm standing at the gates of the East
I take my Emipulse and the pulse of my friend
TheF city cGasts a shadow, wCill I see you again?

The immigrants an' remnants of all the glory years
Are clustered around the bar again for another round of beers
Little Richard's in the kitchen playing spoons and plates
He's telling the waitress he's great

Ah say I know somewhere back'n'forth in time
Out on the dustbowls, deep in the roulette mine
Or in a ghetto cellar only yesterday
There's a move into the future for the U.S.A.

I hear them crying
Eastside Jimmy and Southside Sue
Both say they needed something new

CC EmiEm EmiEm AmiAm AmiAm FF FF
CC EmiEm EmiEm AmiAm AmiAm FF FF C
C, Emi, Emi, Ami, Ami, F, F, C
(with chords from chorus)
Standing at the gates of the West
In the shadow again
Standing at the gates of the West
In the shadow again
In the shadow again

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