D.a.d: Akordy k piesni Bad Craziness

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D.a.d - Bad Craziness (akordy)

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Ver. 1:
B Straight out of frame and bend out of shape
nothing is real except the A money that we E made
Staring at the place where the two walls meet
Yah - take a chair and have a seat
B well, I should see it as a brand new start
but I'm all adamsapple and A fa. fa. fa. fa. fast beatin'E heart
my nerves are twisting they jerk
see no drugs, will do the work B BB F
and I'll tell you for free
how I started stopped being me
Chor 1:
Because you B won't believe what I believe
A when I'm E alone bad Craziness
I've got to B tie my head to the TV
and uA npluck the E phone bad crazines

see the shadows dancing on the ceiling
say, do you hear what I hear
like a TV no one watches
my head is filled with the heys'n over hugh's
walkin' trails on my livin'room floor
I feel that life won't be the same as before
like an explorer looking for help
I'd be happy to find myself
and join the temple of hope
to keep my balance on this globe
chor 1
Chor 2:
I have two feet on the ground now
I'm allmost gone bad craziness
because you won't believe what I believe
when I'm alone bad craziness
Because you won't believe what I believe
when I'm alone bad Craziness
I've got to tie my face to the TV
and unpluck the phone bad crazines
chor 2

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