Delta Goodrem

I Cant Break It To My Heart

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If it's o Em kay
I'll G leave the bed light Em on
And G place your water g C lass where it belo D ngs
And if it's al Em right
I'll G lie awake at Em night
Pre G tending I am C curled up at your D side
See I'm C circling in these G patterns
Living Em out of memor D ies
I'm still a C long way from acc G epting it
That there's j C ust no you and D me
But if I C still believe you l G ove me
Em Maybe I'll survi D ve
So I C tell myself you're co G ming home
Like you've Em done a million D times
And if it's alr C ight
I'll G still be loving D you
'cause I can't break it to my C heart G D
C And nothing will G come between us D
C I wanna convi G nce myself we're C perfect in G every single D way
C G D ....