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Doyle Lawson - Youve Been An Inspiration (akordy)

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Capo 2nd fret
You've Been An Inspiration To Me
For A many years I have travelled in this lowland,
And always you have shown me E loyalty.
Now A I would like to tell you as a brother,
You've been an inspirE ation to A me.
You've A been an inspiration
All D through this world A below
You've A been an inspiration
I'm D glad to let you A know
You've A been a friendly neighbour
I D know you'll always A be
And D I would like to A tell you while I may
You've been an inspiraE tion to A me
I'd like to have you with me when I'm leaving,
To sail away to God's eternity.
I know you'd be faithful then as always,
You've been an inspiration to me.
Banjo solo
And I would like to tell you while I may
You've been an inspiration to me

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