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Edguy - Judas At The Opera (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

AM Darkness has covered the EM opera house
AM Something is wrong can´t you EM feel
E There´s a devil in diD sguise
C A traitor has taken the G days
AM Cataloug people spent EM pity in gaze
AM What can a man do EM in such a case
E Aristocratic D experts on art
C Vomite all over the G place
--- And i wish i´d be

Doomed eternelly

Verse 2
A5 Huntsmen are E5 rushing around
AM After the peacock E5 oh no
The batton is E5 pink and it´s clear
D5 He is a queer
C5 He likes it into his G5 rear
A5 Rumors arise he is E5 from outer space
They´re A5 after the bounty yet E5 still they´re amazed
E5 Aristocratic D5 lemmings with a C5 highsnobiety G5 leer
Riff 2+ Chorus
----- -9~--

We came from a solar........
Who do you think you are.....

´Cause we´re C5 taking the G5 chance
C5 Taking the G5 chance
F5 Get G5 you
C5 Darting the G5 glans
C5 Darting the G5 glans
F5 At G5 us
AM Startin´ to Emaj7 dance
Am Emaj7 play 2x
Startin´ to prance
Of the oddballs

And you´re invited
-2- -0-
Frankenstein is out of.....

Madness rising.....

You say treason but.....

Riff 2+Chorus
Intro solo
That is all that i have for Judas at the opera. The solo is missing and some shit is
i guess. If you find anything that needs to be corrected please e-mail me on Still_born13@hotmail.com.
Fredrik Appelkvist Sweden.

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