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Eels - Manchild (akordy)

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capo on the 4th fret
C and every time you crave for me i'mF here
C and anything you hunger for i'll F share
DM and i will be quietly standing G by
DM while slowly i am dying G inside
C holdC/B meC/A in yourBB armsF
andC letC/B meC/A be theBB one who can G feel
like BB i am a F child in G love
every time i talk to you you're down
and every time you need a laugh i'm around
and when you forget i'm here i'm not
it isn't really me that you forgot
hold me in your arms
and let me be the one who can feel
like i am a child in love
BB whisper now
and F tell me how BB you'll watch me
and tell me someC how C/B i'm C/A gonna be BB alrightG
---------------------cut here--------------------------------
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