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Interpret: Elán

Elán - I Know (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

Emi, D, Emi, D

I Emiknow, Amishe was one of many girls
Dthat came but only Gto have a F#mishow H
EmiI know, Amimy eyes wanted to be mirrors
H7But she told "Don't come on, Emimusic boy"

I Emiknow, Amiit seems I passed a hundred years
DWhen I had long for her Gmore and F#mimore H
I Emiknow, AmiI was waiting for a voice
H7That told me sweet words, Emihold me on E

(R)Maybe that Amionce Dshall we meet the Gchance
CTo look into her Amieyes Hand that's find my EmiparadiseE
At this Amitime I'll Dwhisper my Hsweet secret Emitrue
Ami"Baby, I love Hyou"

I Emiknow, AmiI'm a covered music boy
DThat's shut now he can't Glive aloneGmi, C
I Emiknow, Amisongs would be so full of joy
H7But she is standing Emiat love's doorE

SOLO (akordy jako ve sloce)

(R)Maybe that Bmionce Esshall we meet the Aschance
C#To look into her Bmieyes Cand that's find my FmiparadiseF
At this Bmitime I'll Eswhisper my Csweet secret Fmitrue
Bmi"Baby, I love Cyou"

I Fmiknow, BmiI'm a covered music boy
EsThat's shut now he can't Aslive aloneGmi, C
I Fmiknow, Bmisongs would be so full of joy
C7But she is standing Fmiat love's door


NOTE: Od konce sóla až do konce písničky je transpozice o půltón nahoru, ale akordy už jsou takto upravené.

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