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What a Shame!

EUFORY - What a Shame!

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EUFORY - What a Shame! (text piesne)

They love child's appetizing look
Everyone of them is crook
Sexual guidee book is the Bible
So I wonder why
they damage God's name
and denigrate his fame
What a shame!
What a shame this blunder!

Bridge 1:
Hey sinner, unbeliever
Religion is evil
Hey sinner, unbeliever
It's coming upheaval

Your predecessors had been worse
They stole the universe
Go to hell!
There you'll be torn asunder
Blowjob is fucking great
You hate to masturbate
Degenerate deviant
and gander

Bridge 2:
Shake off the chains
Run away! It's not a play
Save your remains
Far away!
There is no time to pray

He called you "My father"
Around mouth a lather
Why just the glamour
is killing his faith?

My Lord where's your power?
Your smile seems so sour
Sermons are like a shower
of lies which you saith

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