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Interpret: Flaming Lips

Flaming Lips - Are You A Hypnotist (akordy)

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As BB C Cmaj7 G G7 AM G6 EM F
intro: G# Bb (C Cmaj7 G G7 G C) -repeat
this lead beginning on first C (w/ variation throughout song):

also, a note for the remainder of the song, there is almost always a guitar
doing a simple lead over the main chords, but it follows no perceptible
pattern (for the most part) and is quite easy to figure out should you so
desire; therefore, i won't be transcribing it, cos it would take a hell of
a long time. and, on with the song...
C I Cmaj7 had forG given you G7 for G tricking me aC gain
But C I Cmaj7 had been G tricked againG7 inG to forC giving you
AM What is G6 this?AM ? Are you some kind of EM hypnotist??
F Waving your G powers aAM round
The As sun eclipse beBB hind the C cloud
verse 2: as before
I thought I recognized your face amongst all of those strangers
But I am the stranger now amongst all of the recognized
chorus 2: as before
and that's about it, methinks.

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