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Gavin Degraw - Dancing Shoes (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

F It's so C2/E nice to seG e you.AM7
F Can we C2/E sit and taG lk for a AM7 while?
F I have sC2/E earched fG orever, AM7 I
F Can't imC2/E agine anG ything bAM7 etter.
F C2/E G Am7 (2X)
F Kids uC2/E pon the G stairwAM7 ay,
F Couples C2/E on the G sidewalk sAM7 quares.
F If I gC2/E et to yoG ur heart AM7 soon,
I'll F call a C2/E perfect G afternoAM7 on.
F C2/E G C
EM7 Won't yF ou cG all my AM7 number.
EM7 Don't F push, G but don't AM7 hesitate.
EM7 Wake F me fG rom this sAM7 lumber.
EM7 Rush F me, but G leave time to C wait.
F C2/E G Am7 (2X)
F CheckmateC2/E on my G shouldAM7 er.
I'mF tiredC2/E of this wG in or AM7 lose.
Well,F I'm no C2/E knight in sG hiningAM7 armor,
ButF I'm noC2/E pair of G dancin' AM7 shoes.
F I'm no C2/E pair of dG ancin'AM7 shoes.
(Im not too sure about the Bridge)
Fmaj7 My patience ran away.BBMAJ7
Take me with Fmaj7 you.
You keep meBBMAJ7 holding C on.
Fmaj7 Nothin's understood BBMAJ7
You're so Fmaj7 confusing
BBMAJ7 Tell it to me C straight
F C2/E G C
F I got nC2/E othin' lG eft toAM7 lose
F C2/E G Am7 (Last time End on C)*
But I'm no pair of dancin shoes' (4X)
*(Last time)
But F I'm no C2/E pair of dG ancin sC hoes'
If you play with the song hopfully you will get it.
~Ro. V

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