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Kick It Out

Heart - Kick It Out

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Interpret: Heart

Heart - Kick It Out (text piesne)

Out on the street you'd better get on home
Tail shaking filly running on her own
They say she got loose on the night she was born
Cranking it up in a school zone (BAND STOP)
Kick it out, come on, kick it out, she said
Kick out your motor and drive
While you're still alive - kick it out!
Sitting in a bar in a seaside town
Sweet little love getting high getting down
Sailors see her running along the beach
Laugh and jump out of reach
Wild music blowing in her mane
She needs a bareback rider wont give her no pain
A hard racy game of give and take
Leaves them dazed - half crazed- in her wake
CHORUS 2x (Band Stop)
Lead Break: F#m D B E A G D
Ends on D

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