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I Wish I Were

Hex - I Wish I Were

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Interpret: Hex

Hex - I Wish I Were (text piesne)

I wish I were in love with you
there’s nothing I want more
she is so lovely and she’s easy to talk to
I wish I had her never say no

®: The rain is coming down but I do not care
is coming down hard now I just speak to stare
I know she’ll be there she’ll be there

I wish I had a lot of money
and a hous for honey
I’ll buy a car with a silver star and a miniskirt
or else she might feel hurt


I wish I were a gentleman
a mighty jet old man
I’m sure they never tell me no
and will be willing let her go


Is coming down hard now
I wish I wish I would have cared
I’m here and she’s still somewhere.

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