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Jamie T - Salvador Acoustic (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

Bm: E x A 2 D 4 G 4 B 3 E 2
C#m: E x A 4 D 6 G 6 B 5 E 4
G: E 3 A 5 D 5 G 4 B 2 E 2
F#: E 2 A 4 D 4 G 3 B 2 E 2
Chorus 1:
BM/ From here toBM/ Salvador
BM/ The ladies BM/ danceBM/
BM/ To fill us BM/ reckless sons
Bm/ Bm\
With the passions of the heart

Verse 1:
(Played choppy and often mute strings, by lifting fingers off the fretboard, in-between strumming.)
BM I've been around this town for so long
She's been dancing since the first C#M day
I've been all around but
IBM love comin' back to see Lucy
Verse 2:
SheBM swings me over to pull me out
Twirls around and I fall about
In C#M giggles and laughter
Oh! I'm plastered
BM Can't damn help it, I'm sorry love
Verse 3:
What's to falling feeling feet?
For bouncing a-round-a these streets
C#m\ Bm\
They're lonely, like you and you for me
To ask for a dance or two
With a BM heart of gold
And a face so pale
With a C#M second-hand dress
And the BM lips of a temptress
Verse 4:
BM Barstool banshee, howled out at me
The kings and queens of the clubs, evolved from C#M pubs
And too much broken heart love
And BM singin' up the blues in a locked boxed bedroom

Are ya gonna take the chance
Why do ya care, know or play fair
And G-BASS neither do the lords of the F#-BASS dance
Guitar riff:
(Played over pre-chorus)
(Bm\) (Bm\)

(G\) (G-Bass) (F#-Bass)

Chorus 2:
BM/ From G/ here to F#/ SalvadorF#
The BM/ ladies dG/ anceF#/
To fill us BM/ reckless sons
G/ With the paF#/ ssions of the heF# art
BM/ G/

(Oooh) Bah-bah
(Hoo, hah)

(Hoo, hah) x6
(No Bass)
(Hoo, hah)
Verse 5:
Well it's a bang-bang, Anglo Saxons at the disco
A-BM tisch-oo! All fall down
Hound dogs C#M growl on the prowl
For the next young gal
Who BM told her daddy "I'm goin' 'round Gemma's to...
Verse 6:
...learn and study.
I'm young, so free and I'm BM kinda sexy
When I'm on the floor all the C#M boys they feel me
And old dear diary's G-BASS never been a friend of mF#-BASS ine
Guitar riff:
(Played over Verse 6)
(Bm\) (Bm)

Chorus 3:
Bm\ G\ F#\ F#
From here to Salvador
BM/ The ladies daG/ nceF#/
To fill us BM/ reckless sons
G/ With the pasF#/ sions of the heF# art
Bm\ G/

/ = Quick down/up/down strokes and let ring
\ = One strum down and let ring.
-Bass = Bass strings (E, A and D)
* = Let ring.

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