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Jay-Z - @FatBellyBella

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Interpret: Jay-Z

Jay-Z - @FatBellyBella (text piesne)

Mercury is the little planet that rules communications of all kinds
When face to face to an electronic
And when it's retrograde it means that it's from our perspective
Here on Earth, it looks as though it's going backwards
And this can screw up our communications

I said I love you baby but you don't act like it
Squeeze my feet, kiss my neck, rub my back like it
And on the phone it's just you gon' hit me back right quick
First we was straight now it feels like we jack-knifin'
Kamikaze love, self-destructive patterns
Mercury in retrograde
Four house of Saturn.
Nothing makes me sadder than
Hailing cabs alone goin' home on a Saturday
Bumpin' Donny Hathaway, questioning my choices
Thinking 'bout marriage, carriage, and horses
Man on the hectare, land like a fortress
I hope you understand me though
I'm cold like New York
My heart is warm like Miami
I'm just trying to build a kingdom for my people and my family

Sometimes I don't know what to say,
The pain never stops
The cloud never goes away
The rain never drops.

It's a luxury
Be grateful that a mustard seed of faith is enough to be
Enough to move a mountain,
My pen is an artery,
My heart is a fountain.
I apologize

Today... today you find yourselves equals
For you are all equally blessed

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