I Belong With You

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Em Tonight i D have the strangest G feeling Em
Em look for a D nswers on hotel c G eilings Em
Em when did my heart first D feel this way
being a G lone used to be just Bm fine
now life with D out you is just passing G time

Em thought i D heard you call my G name
Em i reached for your D hand it was in G vein
Em when you're not here feels like a D hole in my chest
get G dressed, look in the Bm mirror say your go Am ne
I'll never be the sam D/Dsus e
So i G drive to you to Am night
I was C/B blind now I have C sight
I could not Em leave you even Bm if i tried
your heart Am beats inside of me D/Dsus
like a G star in the dark of n Am ight
C/B C (Pluck in this order the e B D e B D e B D strings)
like birds lost in flight
(instructions above)
like clouds in the sky of blue
I belong with you Em D G
(same as Verse 2)
i've been together but alone
i've made love without love being shown
i've seen sorrow in a pair of dice
all things that came in twos made me cry
until tonight

Em can't stop, won't D stop
love is what we G got
know i reach the top
D when i put my arms around you
Em can't stop, won't D stop
you are all i C want