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Jewel - You Were Meant for Me (akordy)

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And the chorus; C, D, G, D/F#, Em,
C, D, Em
Stick; C D Bm D C - Bm - Am D Bm
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 15:00:20 -0400
From: Shamu Naidu
You Were Meant for Me by Jewel
Tabbed by Shamu Naidu
To play along with the recorded version, I think you tune down half a step.
I'm not sure if my guitar was or not when I figured it out. I don't
remember how the whole song went but here's what I did figure out.



C D/F# G Step down Em




Last time play C, D/F#, Em and then harmonics.
You Were Meant for Me
Off the album Pieces of YOU
Recorded by by Jewel Kilcher
Written by Jewel KIlcher
Transcribed by Jonathan Muise(
and (
This song is quite beautiful. Jewel varies this throughout the song so my advice is to be a little loose about playing it.
here's a list of the chords and their voicings:
A(sus4) C(Add9) D Em G D(inversion) Bm
002230 032030 000232 022000 320000 2002000 024432
Main Part of Song:
I hear the clock...
Asus4 D Cadd9 EM
Dreams Last Oh so long....
Cadd9 D G D EM
Cadd9 D EM
I go about my buisness....
Jewel emphasises the open e string a lot in the song and lets it ring

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