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Kid Rock - I Am (akordy)

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G Well fire it up, chop one out, EM7 somebody's got to know.
C That I'm two days in, I got D two days left to G go.
G Cause I am Georgia, I am EM7 Memphis, Tennessee.
C I am everything D Hollywood wants to G be.
G I am love and I am hate, EM7 I'm your late night drunk debate.
C But you'll never put yoD ur finger on G me.
Have you ever seen the sun
Over the Rocky Mountains shinin'?
Or touched the sands of a southern Florida beach?
Have you seen a grown man cry,
Or a child that's slowly dying?
Have you looked inside to see all that you can see?
And I am North and South Dakota, and New York City.
I am everything Hollywood wants to be.
I am love an I am hate, And all the critics can debate.
But they will never put a finger on me.
No, you'll never put a finger on me.
Have you seen the Northern falls
Or the Midwest seasons changing?
A Montana storm or a warm Kentucky rain?
Have you heard the love that sings
over the inner city sidewalks?
Have you risen above all that leads to hate?
And I am Boston and DC and all of Detroit city
I am everything that Hollywood wants to be.
I am southern rock-n-roll, country and hip hop soul.
And you'll never put a finger on me.
I'm a father and I'm a friend,
I'm your brother till the end,
But you'll never put your finger on me.
I am only God knows why,
Ill be a cowboy till I die!
But you'll never put your finger on me.
F You'll never put your fC inger on me. G
You'll never put, you'll never put,
Put your finger on me.

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