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K'naan - Better (akordy)

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Em C
Since I was a kiddo
I was a leader
Em C
Heard life was a beach but
G D...
Man I wanna meet her
Swimmin deeper but the grim reaper will always creep up
No ice on my bed,So I never sleep up
Flow Bolt like Usain try n keep up
Way before waving flag in the FIFA
I was a dreamer life was a gamble
Born in a casino, but god never give burdens you can't handle
Music is my ammo i'm ready for battle

Em C G D..
When I lose right now I'm betting all my chips
When I'm broken down I be brushing off my kicks
I'ma get somehow yeah you CAN count on this
I'm only gettin better, better better better
I'm only gettin better, better better better


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