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Lou Reed - Vicious (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

* bass plays A under second C chord throughout
Verse 1:
D Vicious C G
You hC it me with a fD lower C G
You C do it every hD our C G
Ohh, baby yC ou're so vD icious C G C
Verse 2:
You want me to hit you with a stick
But all I've got's a guitar pick
Huh... baby you're so vicious
Bridge 1:
A When I watch you come
I just want to run far away
A You're not the kind of person
Around whom I want to stay
EM When IF#M see you comin' dG own the street
I sEM tep on your hF#M ands and I mG angle your feet
You're EM not the kind of F#M person that I wG anna mA eet
Oh, baby, you're so vD icious
(Guitar solo over main riff)
(You're just so vicious)
(repeat verse 1)
Verse 3:
Hey, why don't you swallow razor blades
You must think I'm some kinda gay blade
But baby, you're so vicious
Chorus 2:
When I watch you comin'
I just have to run
You're not good and you certainly aren't very much fun
When I see you walkin' down the street
I step on your hand and I mangle your feet
You're not the kind of person that I even wanna meet
'Cause you're so vicious
Coda (repeat main riff to fade):
-- another ace 70's tab from Andrew Rogers

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