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M2m - Dear Diary (akordy)

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M2M Dear Diary
Shades Of Purple
2000 Atlantic Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com
Chords used:
D# - xxx343
D#M7 - xxx333
G#M7 - xx6543
C - x32010
G/B - x20003
Am - x02210
FM Em - - 133111 022000
Am7 - x02013
As FM7 - - 466544 1x3210
Dm - xx0232
Cm - x35543
D - xx0232
A - x02220
Modulated Chords: 2nd Chorus & Outro
GM7 - xx5432
D - xx0232
G - 320033
Bb - x13331
F A - - 133211 022000
DM7 - xx0222
Intro: D#-D#M7-G#M7 (x4)
Verse 1:
Dear C diary, Something good happened toG/B day
AM He finally called me by my FM nameEM I didn't know how to beAM7 have
As What to say or do G I was so confused
Dear C diary I wanna talk to him aG/B gain
ButAM whenever he is with his FM friendsEM
He keeps trying to preAM7 tend But As i already see
The G way he feels for me
Chorus 1:
FM7 What can i C do? Tell me F what can i C sayAs
When do i Es let him know i G feel the same way?
FM7 How can my C feelings be F so hard to C show whenAs
I really Es want him to G know
Verse 2:
Dear C diary, He wrote some letters on his G/B hand
AM It wasn't hard to underFM stand no no noEM
I figured i'm part of his AM7 plans
But As now i'm in his heart I G don't know where to start
(Repeat Chorus 1)
Es You're my EsM7 secret GM7 hiding place Where my Es private EsM7 thoughts are GM7 safe
D# D#M7 Cm Dm(Not sure on this chord)
And just one look and he will see What's inside of me
G-A me
Chorus 2: Modulated 2 keys higher from FM7 to GM7
GM7 What can i D do? Tell me G what can i D sayBB
When do i F let him know i A feel the same way?
GM7 How can my D feelings be G so hard to D show whenBB
I really F want him to A know
D-DM7-GM7 (Repeat Until fade out)
Dear Diary

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