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Mae - Just Let Go (akordy)

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C We've got all night just to make it all right
AM Would you take a walk with me?
C I'll give you all I've got just spare me your time
AM And I promise you won't want to lF eave
Are yF ou, are you falling for G me?
This F time, we'll find what we both G need
There's an F old oak tree
We can swG ing and sway
We'll lock AM arms and lay (You're so far away)
When I loF ok at you
You're so G far away
Oh so faAM r away
F Oh if you could you just let C go
**Verse 2**
C Would you rest with me just for a while
AM I'll take you out of harms way
C Like these branches that shelter the rain
AM We could lay here in our own sF hade
Are yF ou, are you falling for G me?
Just wF atch, the two of us will sG ee
AM There is so much that I could gC ive to you
Just say you F want me to
I kC now these roots could break the ground
AM And in the meantime our leC aves will turn
But rest aG ssured
We'll get through G anything
Are F you, are you falling for G me
Like F I'm oh I'm falling for G you
**Altered Chorus**
F There's an old oak tree
We can sG wing and sway
We'll lock aAM rms and lay (You're so far away)
It's just F you and me
We could gG et away
We can gAM et away (You're so far away)
In this loF ver's play
We are hapG py here oh in eAM very way
F Oh and then we just let gC o
F Just let gC o
F Just let gC o
F Just let gC o

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