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Mew - Symmetry (akordy)

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Gmaj7 I'm caught in the symmetry of your mindDmaj7 .
Gmaj7 But I'm not happier than youDmaj7 .
D Did I really Esus see yE ou Gmaj7 or was it a D dream?
D Dreaming that it was Esus seamlE ess, GMAJ not a trace of D wrong.
D Wrong words that we have Esus spokeE n.
Gmaj7 Little did we D know. No bigotry, No Esus tears E shed.
Gmaj7 oh if
onD ly you'd try to be poBM lite
thinking you were riA ght
only to fiG nd that yoA u're unkD ind.
But ironicaBM lly you will always bA e belle of the bG all
at lA east to mGmaj7 e.
Gmaj7 I'm caught in the symmetry of your mind.Dmaj7
Gmaj7 But I'm not happier than you.Dmaj7

D But my words are fEsus rail nE ot aGmaj7 udible
they dD o not even conEsus vince E me
Gmaj7 perhaps they are unD true.
D Truly with you the Esus worst iE s aGmaj7 lways true.
I gD ave you all the Esus benefE its of Gmaj7 all the doubts
I D had never hoped to BM be as benign as A me.
Funny how G you aA lways get D through
but ironicallyBM you will always A be belle of the G ball
at leA ast to mD e.
D Bm A G A x2
Ends with D

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