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Natural - Will It Ever (akordy)

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Intro: D-Bm-Em-G-A
BM can you see me baby
im right F#M here, i hang aroG und
but you A don't seem to care
wisBM h i know just hF#M ow for to make a start
ive been waitG ing for too long
to say where A you belong
and aG ll i sA ee is yoF#7 ur faBM ce
everywhG ere i turn oEM h eveA ry girl i met
will it ever be you anD d me
will it ever beBM the one that youll see
will it ever EM come a to me just right
G to love you atA first sight
will you ever be my desD tiny will i ever bekthe one
tBM hat youll EM need will it ever come a perfect night
to loveG you at first D sight, a baby
BM i can feel you babyF# in my heart
G flowing through my veins kike a riover of
A love it might sound sBM trange, iF#M can't deny
i am lonE ely in this prison and youre tA he
reason why
Oh babe im G wondA eringF# whBM en G you will
G when yEM ou will A you come my way

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