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Paul Simon - Born in Puerto Rico (akordy)

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DM I was born in PuertoRico,
GM we came here when I was a child,
bA efore I reached the age of 16 DM
I was runnBB in' with the gang andA we were wild DM
DM He keeps looking but he don´t recognize me,
GM some guy from Lexington or Park
Red beans and rice from kitchen window,
A it's supper time and the Barrio is dark DM
BB No one knowsF you like I do,
C nobBB ody can know your hF eart the way I do C
BB No one can testifyF to all that C you´ve been through,A but I will DM
DM I was born in Puerto Rico, and my blood is Taino,
GM Spanish Carribean my soul
A We came here wearing summer clotheDM s in winter,
A hearts of sunshine in the cold DM
BB Your family rentedF this apartmentC , F C
BB you'd watch the streetlampC s from your perch BB C F
In the sacramental hour your F stepfather in bC lack
preached the fire ofA the Pentecostal church DM
BB No one knowsF you like I do, C
BB nobody can know yoF ur heart the way I do C
BB No one can testify F to all that C you've
A been through but this will DM
DM I was born in Puerto Rico,
cGM ame here when I was a child
A Small change and sunlight,
and I left these streets forDM good,
A my days as short as they were wild DM
DM I'm Carlos Apache, Angel Soto,
GM Frenchy Cordero, Babu Charlie Cruz
Your features blurred in ev'ry grainy photo,
and fading headlines A of the Daily News DM
Wyltwyck school for crimonal children,
GM Auburn, Brooklyn House of D.,
A Dannemora, Sing-Sing, Attica,
Greenhaven, 20 years inside, today you're free
You cannot even read your story,
BB the pages pilC ing up in shameBB , C F
F before the words released you
C The guard would kill the light,
A the night you took
DM The Capeman for your name
I was born in Puerto Rico (8x)

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