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Paul Simon - The Sound of Silence (akordy)

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Hello darkness, my old fC riend, I've come to talk with you agDM ain,
Because a vF ision softly cBB reepiF ng, left its seeds while I was sBB leepiF ng,
And the BB vision that was planted in my brF ain still remains, DM F
Within the sC ound of silDM ence.
DM In restless dreams I walked aC lone, narrow streets of cobblestDM one,
'Neath the halo F of a stBB reet laF mp, I turned my collar to the cBB old and daF mp,
When my eBB yes were stabbed by the flash of a neon liF ght that split the nDM ightF ,
And touched the sC ound of DM silence.
DM And in the naked light I sC aw ten thousand people, maybe mDM ore,
People talking wF ithout spBB eakiF ng, people hearing without lBB isteniF ng,
People wBB riting songs that voices never shF are, and no one dare,DM F
Disturb the sC ound of DM silence.
DM "Fools!" said I, "You do not knC ow, silence like a cancer groDM ws."
"Hear my words that F I might tBB each yF ou, take my arms that I might rBB each yF ou."
But my wBB ords like silent raindrops fF elDM l, and echF oed in the weC lls of DM silence.
And the people bowed and praC yed to the neon god they mDM ade,
And the sign flashed oF ut its wBB arniF ng, in the words that it was BB formiF ng,
And the signs said "The wBB ords of the prophets are written
On the subway waF lls, and tenement halls" DM
And whF isper'd in the souC nds of sDM ilence.

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