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PAVEMENT - Harness Your Hopes (akordy)

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A Harness your hopes on just one F#M person
Because you know a hA arness was only made for F#M one
Don't telegraph your paA sses, you'll end up with molaF#M sses
Cauterized with sA yrup and syrup and molF#M asses
F#M And I'm checking out the B asses, the assets that attrD act us
To anything that mF#M oves.. we're deep inside the grA ooves
A And it's time to shake the rB ations, 'cause someone's gonna cD ash in
The plot it turns aF#M gain.. the reference starts at A ten
A Show me a word that rhymes with pF#M avement
And I won't kill your pA arents and roast them on a F#M spit
And a - don't you try to A etch it or permanently sF#M ketch it
Or you're gonna cA atch a bad bad cF#M old
F#M And the freaks have stormed the whB ite house, I moved into a lD ighthouse
It's on a scenic F#M quay, is oh so far aA way
A Far away from the begB inning, the shroud is made of LD enin
The yearling took the pF#M urse, the goth kid has a heA arse
E Heart breaking, E earth quaking, E kiwis they are home baking
D Minds.. A wide.. D o-A pen.. D true-A ly
A Leisure.. a leisure suit is nF#M othing
F#M It's nothing to be pA roud of.. in this late centuF#M ry
And I'm asking you to hA old me just like the morning F#M paper
Pinched between your pA ointer, your index and your F#M thumb
F#M It's a semi automB atic.. believers are ecsD tatic
You see the way they cF#M ling.. the cold metallic sA ting
A And I'm living in a cB oma.. for Donna DeVD orona
The harness made of F#M hopes.. the lovers on the rA opes
E Nun is to chE urch as the pE arrot is to pE erch
And my hD eart's A wide D o-A pen D true-A ly
SOLO (over A and F#m)

and.. F#m!
Have fun.

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