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Pink - Dear Diary (akordy)

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AMDear, Cdear diary, I Gwanna tell my Dsecrets
AMYou're the Conly one Gthat I know who'll keep Dthem
AMDear, Cdear diary, I Gwanna tell my Dsecrets
AMI know you'll Ckeep them, so Gthis is what I've Ddone.

AMI've been a Cbad, bad girl Gfor so Dlong,
AMDon't know Chow to change, Gwhat went Dwrong,
AMDaddy's Clittle girl, Gbut he went Daway,
AMWhat did it Cteach me? GThat love Dleaves yeah yeah.


AMI've been down Cevery road Gyou could Dgo,
AMI've made some Cbad Gchoices as you Dknow,
AMSeems I've Cgot this whole world Gcradled in my Dhand,
AMIt's just Clike me not to GunderstandD


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