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Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (akordy)

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GmiOpen your eyes
Look Bup to the skies and seEse
CmiI’m just a poor boy, I Fneed no sympathy
Heasy Bcome, Aeays Bgo,
Hlittle Bhigh, Alittle Blow
EsAny way the wiB/Dnd blows,
C#dimdoesn’t realy matter F7/Cto me F7/ESto me.B

BMama just killed Gmia man
put a Cmigun against his head,
pulled my Cmi7trigger, now he’s Fdead
BMama life had Gmijust begun,
but noCmiw I’ve gone and G+5/Bthrown itEs/B all awayAdim
EsMama B/DOooo didn’t meFmian to make C/Eyou As/Escry,
Ddimif I’m Bnot back agaiB6n this B7time
Carry B/Don, carCmiry on as if nothAsmiing
really maEstters.As/EsEsCdimB7SUS4B9B
Too late, my time has Gmicome
Sent Cmishivers down my spine, Cmi7body’s achin’ all the tiFme,
BGoodbye everybody, I’ve Gmigot to go,
Gotta leaCmive you all beG+5/Bhind
and faEs/Bce the Adimtruth.Asmaj7Es/G
EsMama B/DOoo Cmi
I Fmidon’t waC/Ent to As/Esdie,
DdimI someBtimes wish B6I’d never been B7born at all.

D/AI see Adima littleA silhoueD/Atto Aof a Adimman
AScarmoD/Auch AScarD/Amouch
Awill you Adimdo the AfaD/AndanAgo?
C#/G#Thunder Asbolts anC#/G#d lighAstening
C/Gvery very E7frightening Ame

Galileo Galileo Galileo Galileofigaro Mangnifico oh oh oh
HI’m Bjust a Apoor Bboy
HnoboBdy loAves Bme
As/EsHe’s juEsst a Esdimpoor Esboy, As/Esfrom a Espoor Esdim familyEs
Asspare him his liEs/Gfe from this F7monstrosiBty


HEasy Bcome eaAsy Hgo Bwill you let Bme go?Bdim
B5BismilEslahB5 EsNO, Bsus4we wiBll not Bsus4let you Bgo

Let him go
BBisEsmillBah we will Bsus4not Blet Bsus4you goB
Let him go
BbisEsmillBah we will Bsus4not leBt Bsus4you goB
Let me go
Bsus4will Bnot Bsus4let Byou go let me go
Bsus4will Bnot Bsus4let Byou go

let me go oh oh oh oh oh
no A5no Dno
C#no F#no B5no ES5no Oh mamamia mamamia
EsmamamAsiaEs let me Bgo
EsBeelzebuAsb has a D7devil put
Gmiaside for B5me for me for me

CmiNothing really maGmitters, anCmiyone can Gmisee
Cminothing raelly maAsmitters,
As/Bnothing really matters to EsmeAs/EsEs


BAny way Fthe wiFdimnd bloC7sus4wsF

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