R.E.M.: Akordy k piesni Tainted obligations

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R.E.M. - Tainted obligations (akordy)

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D I saw the shoals at night, G with the moon D above.
I felt an obligation, and A7sus4 heard your voice again.
D If you were here once, you were G here a hundred times.
D If I reached out tonight, I fA7sus4 ound I couldn't fight it.
B If you were here A once, you were here a hundred B times.
D Best as a wishing star, I G saw you better far D away,
and I felt obligation, and A7sus4 heard your voice again.
D Hear the rush of water, G passing over the D shoals.
Hear my heartbeat rather, if A7sus4 I reached out tonight.
B If I reach out A tonight and find I can't B fight it,
and look to the A stars, and wander towards a
D heartfelt obligation, a G place that you called D home
and heard your voice A7sus4 again, but it's too late.
D You left long ago, and now you're G probably dead and gone,
and D I'm left here with the A7sus4 water and the shoals and a B tainted obliA gation.
B OhhhhhhA
D G D A7sus4 D G D A7sus4 B Tainted obliA gations
B Tainted obliA gations
B OhhhhhhA
B OhhhhhhA
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