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Savatage - Believe (akordy)

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So C after all these G one night stands - You've BB ended up with F heart in hand
A C child alone G on your own, reF treating.
ReC gretful for the G things you're not - And BB all the dreams you hF aven't got
WithC out a home, a G heart of stone, lies F bleeding.
And for G all the roads you followed - And for F all you did not find
And for G all the dreams you had to leave beF hind...
C I am the wG ay, I am the lAM ight - I am the dF ark insG ide the nC ight.
I hear your G hopes, I feel your AM dreams - And in the F dark I G hear your C screams.
Don't turn awG ay, just take my hAM and - And when you mF ake your fG inal sC tand
I'll be right G there, I'll never AM leave - All I F ask of G you is beC lieve.
Your childhood eyes were so intense - While bartering your innocence
For bits of string, the grown-up wings you needed.
And when you had to add them up - You found that they were not enough
To get you in pay for sins repeated
And for all the years you borrowed - And for all the tears you cried
And for all the fears you had to keep inside...
I am the way...
I never C wanted to know, never G wanted to see
I AM wasted my time till F time wasted G me.
I never wanted to go, always wanted to stay
'Cause the persons I am are the parts that I play.
So I plot and I plan, and I hope and I scheme
To the lure of a night filled with unfinished dreams
And I'm holding on tight to a world gone astray
As they charge me for years I can no longer pay.
(solos and arpeggios are very easy)

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