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Seal - Deep Water (akordy)

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E Now that I understand the beauty that thD ey have left to hand A
me down. When you need a place D to to live and no one
E understands you. And all yD ou want to do is to cry out loud, A
but you don?D t know how. No way, no onE e. No one D A
D E (like intro chord)
understands. No one understands you. No one understands.
E You?ve got a hand that strikes, when just a touch of loD ve is all
the prA oblem needed. And you hurD t so much so much and
they?re stilE l not loving you. All you waD nt to do is to cry out A
loud, but you don?t D know how.
E (like intro) C D C D C D
Jade. Jade. Jade. A shade of pain. Pain and paradise. Jade.
A shade of pain, C pain anD d paradise.
D We will find a way, A lettingC the sun go down. I tell yG ou we wilD l
A find a way, holdiC ng the sun. We wG ill finD d a way, letting the A C
sun go downG . I tell yoD u we will find a way, hA olding the sun. C G
Now I understand... (Vamps on the outro while playing verse
progression-- E, D, A, D.)

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