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Interpret: Shakira

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Shakira - Underneath Your Clothes (akordy)

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F#miYou’re a C#misong
Dwritten by the Ehands of F#miGod
Don’t get me C#miwrong
’cause Dthis might sound to Eyou a F5bit F#miodd
But you C#miown the Dplace
where Eall my F5thoughts go F#mihidingC#mi
And Dright under your clothes is Ewhere I’ll find them

AUnderC#mineath your Dclothes
There’s an Eendless story
AThere’s the C#miman I Dchose
There’s my Eterritory
And C#miall the things I F#mideserve
For Dbeing such a Egood girl, honeyA D

’Cause of you I forgot the smart ways to lie
Because of you I’m running out of reasons to cry
When the friends are gone
When the party is over
We will still belong to each other

R: Underneath...

I Clove you more C/Hthan all Ami7that’s on the planet
moving, talking, walking, Gbreathing
You Fknow it’s true, oh babe it’s so funny
You Galmost don’t believe it
As Cevery voice is C/Hhanging from the silenceAmi7
Lamps are hanging from the Gceiling
FLike a lady tied to her manners
GI’m tied up to this F#mifeeling


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