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Skin - Just Let The Sun (akordy)

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C I walked into the sea
D Those waves, they came for me
EM And on my scarlet sun
A Well I will never burn
C My eyes stay liquid free
D Not phased by chemistry
EM The whole 9 yards I see
A It's dying through the haze
Just let the sC un, shine on your faB ce
Only the darEM kness blinds your wA ay
You take it eC asy, you walk on your oB wn
Look for the sunEM shine to find your way hoA me
Just let the sC un, shine on your faB ce
Verse 2
C Special, these dirty deeds
D They flag my pretty dreams
EM I snapped away from love
A When leave down on my own
C Feel as attack is free
D Get it via empathy
EM Still you're not lost on me
A I still smell the sea
EM You'll make it,C you'll make it,A you'll make it
G Ooh, just let the C sun D
EM The sun
A You just need the C sun D
EM The sun, OA oh
Let ring Em to finish the song

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