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Tesla - Games People Play (akordy)

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All the games people pD lay now, every night every A day now
Never meaning what they G say now,A never saying what they D mean
While they while away the D hours in their ivory A towers
Till they're covered up with G flowers in the A back of a black D limousine

D Oh we make one another cry, breakin' hearts when we A say goodbye
Cross our hearts say we G hope to die,A 'cept the other was to D blame
D Neither one will ever give in, so we gaze at an A 8x10,
Thinkin' 'bout things thatG might have been,A oh it's a dirty rotten BM shame

LotindalotinD dadada, lotindalotinA dadadee
Talkin' 'bout G you and meA , and the games people D play
LotindalotinD dadada, lotindalotinA dadadee
Talkin' 'bout G you and me,A and the games people D play

People walkin' upD to ya, singin' glory halleA lujah
Sayin' what the hell's itG to ya, if I A do it in the name of the LD ord
We're gonna teachD ya how to meditate
Read your horoscope and tA each you faith
Put them on a G hell of hateA , come on, let's get on BM board

Look around, tD ell me what you see, what's happening to A you and me
God grant me my sG erenity, A to remember who I D am
'Cos you're giD vin' up your sanity or your pride and youA r vanity
Turn your back on G humanity, A ow, when you don't giveBM a damn, C not a D damn

repeat w/adlibs: (There are some chord variations in the outro chorus)

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