Third Day

I Believe Wire

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F#m Give me som D ething that I.... ca F#m n believe D and then I'll Bm
Share it with the world fo C# r everyone to see
F#m Take aw D ay the darkness,.... all F#m the pain and D sadness Bm
I know it's you that put this C# light inside of me
A I believe in E a fai Bm th that's stron D g
A I believe in E a hop Bm e that carrie F#m s on E
A I believe in E these things Bm and more
Most of all, D most of all C#
I believe in love A E Bm F#m E
If I had the strength to move a mountain
Would you be amazed by all of my abilities
I guess it would not mean much if I didn't have love
And this is what I really want you all to see