Third Day

Living for Jesus

Dĺžka piesne: 02:19
This is the best that I could do on this on this song, I still
got the picking part down so if anyone knows it, PLEASE LET ME
Capo I
Intro: E A D E A D
Sometimes things dont work out quite the way that you wanted them
Someimes people dont do all the things that you wanted them to
There are times when the answers arent easy to see
Sometimes we're on a road going back to place we never wanted to be
Well thats alright, I'm just fine.
Done made up my mind,
That I'm Livin' for Jesus!
When I'm alone and feeling down
Now down so deep in my heart,
I turn to Jesus and ask him to give me a brand new start,
He's the reason for my life being something better and new
And now I've finally found a love that is proven tried and true.