Third Day

Living for Jesus

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This is the best that I could do on this on this song, I still
got the picking part down so if anyone knows it, PLEASE LET ME
Capo I
Intro: E A D E A D
E A D A Sometimes things dont work out quite the way that you wanted them
E A D A Someimes people dont do all the things that you wanted them to
E There are A times when the a D nswers arent A easy to see
E Sometimes we're A on a road going b D ack to place we n A ever wanted to be
Well thats B alright, I'm just f D ine.
Done made up my A mind,
That I'm Livin' for J E esus!
When I'm alone and feeling down
Now down so deep in my heart,
I turn to Jesus and ask him to give me a brand new start,
He's the reason for my life being something better and new
And now I've finally found a love that is proven tried and true.