Tim McGraw: Akordy k piesni Back When

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Interpret: Tim McGraw

Dĺžka piesne: 04:59

Tim McGraw - Back When (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

A7 = x02020
Am = x02210
C = x32010
D = xx0232
Em = 022000
G = 320003
Intro: G D Am C
G Don't you remember, the fD izz in a pepper
AM Peanuts in a bottle at G ten, two and fD our
A fG ried bologna sandwich with mD ayo and tomato
AM Sittin' round the table don't G happen much anymD ore
We got EM too complicated It's all A7 way over-rated
I like the oC ld and out-dated way of liD fe
G Back when a hD oe was a hoe
C Coke was a coke
And cG rack's what you were doing
When you were cracking jD okes
Back when a sD crew was a screw
The C wind was all that blew
And wG hen you said I'm down with that
Well it meant you had the D flu
I miss back AM when
I miss back wC hen
I miss back wG hen D
G I love my records, bD lack, shiny vinyl
AM Clicks and pops and white noise, mG an they sounded fiD ne
G I had my favorite stations, tD he ones that played them all
AM Country, soul and rock-and-roll what hG appened to those tD imes?
I'm readin' SEM treet Slang For Dummies cause they put A7 pop in my country
I want moC re for my money, the wD ay it was back tG hen
Break(in from end of chorus): G D Am G D
Give me a EM flat top for strumming
I want the wA7 hole world to be humming
C Just keep it coming, the wD ay it was back tG hen
I miss back wAM hen, I miss back whC en
Outro: G D Am C (repeat 3 times into fade)

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