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Tim McGraw - Something Like That (akordy)

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It was E Labor Day weekend I was D seventeen,
I bought a coke and some gasoline,
E And I drove D out to the county A fair. B
E When I saw her for the D first time
She was A standing there in the ticket line,
E And it all D started right then and A there. B
Ohh a A sailor sky made a B perfect sunset,
A And that's a day I'll B never forget.

I had a E bbq stain on my B white t-shirt,
She was A killing me in that B mini skirt.
E Skipping rocks on the B river by the railroad DBM tracksB . A B
She had a E suntan line and B red lipstick,
I F#M worked so ABM hard for A that first B kiss,
And aDBM heart B don't forA get B something like E that.D A DBM B
Verse 2

It was E five years later on a D southbound plane,
I was A headed down to New Orleans.
E To meet some friends of D mine for Mardi A Gras.B
E When I heard a D voice from the past,
A Coming from a few rows back,
And when I E looked I couldn't beD lieve just what I A saw. B
She said "A I bet you don't reB member me."
And I saidA "Only every other B memory".
E D A Dbm B (repeat x 2)
F#M Like an old photograph time can E make a feeling fade,
But the A memory of the first love B never fades away.

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