Tom Waits: Akordy k piesni A Good Man Is Hard to Find

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Interpret: Tom Waits

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Tom Waits - A Good Man Is Hard to Find (akordy)

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I Es always play Russian BB Roulette in my head
BB7 Seventeen black and Es twenty-nine red
How Es far from the Es7 gutter
How far from the FM pew
I'll F always reF7 member to forBB get about BB7 you
Es A good man is hard to fiC nd
Only FM strangers sleep in my BB bed
My Es favorite words are good-C7 bye
And my FM favorite BB color is Es red
Verse 2
A long dead soldier looks out
From the frame
No one remembers his war; no one
Remembers his name
Verse 3
Go out to the meadow;
Scare off all the crows
It does nothing but rain here,
And nothing will grow
A good man is hard to find
Only strangers sleep in my bed
My favorite words are good-bye
And my favorite color is
FM my favorite color BB is
FM my favorite BB color is Es red

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