Trace Adkins

I Can Only Love You Like a Man

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E From the time you were a A baby E you had this notion in your B head.
E Someone would come along and A sweep you off your feet.
F#m Like All those stories that you B read.
Well if you're lookin' for salvation like some damsel in distress.
Girl there ain't no heroes on white horses.
At least I ain't seen 'em yet.
A There ain't no B knight in shining E armor.
A There ain't no B never, never C#m7 land.
A And I won't B ever walk on E wat E/D# er. E/C# E/B
F#m B E(Intro)
I can only love you like a man.
Heaven knows I'm no angel. Just flesh and bones like all the rest.
I never claimed to have a halo
All I can give you is my best.
And I will never try to hurt you or even give you cause to doubt.
That my heart is yours forever.
Ain't that what true love's all about.
And I won't ever walk on water.
F#m(stop) B(stop & ritard)E(Intro) E
I can only love you like a man.