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U2 - Babyface (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )


CCatching your bright blue Geyes
In the Amifreeze fraFme
CI’ve seen them so many tiGmes
I feel like AmiI must be your Fbest friend
You’re looking Cfine, so Gfine, oh Bmy,
Dressed up like a Flovely day

CBabyface, BBabyface,
Amislow down child, let me Funtie your lace
CBabyface, BBabyface,
Amicover girl with Fnatural grace
How could Dmibeauty
be so Ckind to an Dmiordinary Gguy?

Coming home late at night to turn you on
Checking out every frame I got slow motion on my side
Turning around and around with the sound and colour
Under my control
Round and around, going down, dressed up like a lovely day

Babyface, Babyface tin foil hair all tied up in lace
Babyface, Babyface bitter sweet girl won’t you give me a taste
How could beauty be so kind to an ordinary guy?

Do do do... etc.

Babyface, Babyface, slow down child, let me untie your lace
Babyface, Babyface, open that door let me unpack my case
Babyface, Babyface you’re everywhere child
You’re all over the place
Babyface, Babyface, you’re coming to me from outerspace
Hou could beauty be so kind to an ordinary guy?


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