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Interpret: We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists - Callback Acoustic (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

G C - - 355433 (x32010)
C2 - (x54030)
A2 - (x7655x)
F - 133211

intro: Am, G, Am

G I think that AM I should G probably AM leave right G now
'cause I'm AM already kinda G sweaty and im AM freakin' G out
I gotta AM time-bomb G headache that's AM ticking G down
I guess that AM everything is G better when IAM 'm not G around

G It's all outta context
C There's nothing I'm into
G Call it a complex
C It's really quite simple
C2 I'm tired of these hang ups
A2 I wish someone would call me back, how 'bout it?

intro: Am, G x4

(Same chord pattern for verse two, except its starts off with Am to G, Am to G etc.)
Verse 2:
Well my tail is tired and I'm seeing stars
I got a million other words for what you are
I gotta busted back and a broken heart
I guess everything is better wherever you are

Chorus x 1
Intro x 2
Chorus x 1

A2 I said that G I'm so sorry to F# bring you down
I guess that F everything's better when IAs 'm not around
(x3 and finish)

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